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Considerations Before Seeing a Property Settlement Lawyer

One of the issues you may be facing with your divorce is property. If the issues with your property, and settling that property, become too difficult, then you will likely need a property settlement lawyer. Before you see a lawyer regarding your issues, there are a few things you should consider. Here are a few of those considerations and what you need to know about each one.

Agreeable Points 

One of the key points to look at before you see a property settlement lawyer deals with the agreeable points of the property. This refers to the key points of the property ownership that you can see eye to eye on with your current spouse. For example, you may have several acres that belong to both of you. One of those acres may be set aside for your child. If you both agree to that, then that is an agreeable point. Make sure you note each agreeable point that you have so your property lawyer can rule those out as issues with the settlement. 


You will need to consider what was owned during the time of the marriage and what was owned prior to the marriage. The property that was owned prior to the marriage might not be considered during the settlement process. For example, you may have owned a plot of land and home prior to the marriage. This property may still belong to you following the separation depending on the rulings that occurred during the marriage. Your property settlement lawyer can help you determine if this property falls under pre-ownership and what you should do about that property to protect it during the settlement.

Financial Orders

If there are financial orders involved, you will need to have those considered as part of the settlement process. There are some financial orders that may have been written and ordered prior to your marriage, such as the way these orders are written, what they govern and if those orders changed with marriage or divorce. Depending on how many financial orders are involved, the lawyer may find they are dealing with these orders longer than with some of the property deeds. 

If you feel you still need some form of legal mitigation regarding the property, contact your property settlement lawyer. They can hold a consultation appointment and discuss your issues during that time. They can also discuss options for you and what you should consider before moving forward with each plan. If you have specific questions, they can help with those answers during the consultation.