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All You Need To Know About Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are an employer's worst nightmare. They could expose the employer to expensive suits and negative publicity. The excerpt below discusses how employers can handle workplace injuries. 

Get Workers Compensation Cover

Workers compensation insurance is the best way to protect yourself from expensive compensation claims. Your type of business will determine the amount of cover you will need. For instance, a contractor may need more cover than a dentist since his or her employees are exposed to a high number of risks. Failure to pay premiums could render the cover void. 

Understand Insurance Exemptions

Your employees must understand exemptions on the insurance cover. For instance, most insurance companies will not provide compensation if an employee gets injured off working hours. Besides, an employee who gets injured when committing a crime will not receive compensation. 

Insurance companies expect employers to be honest. They must provide accurate details about the number of employees they have, their salaries and workplace hazards. The workplace must be safe. For example, employees must have personal protective clothing when working in dangerous environments.

What to Do in Case of a Workplace Injury

Below is a short guide on what you should do in case of a workplace injury:

1. Gather Sufficient Evidence

Most insurance adjusters will require you to provide evidence that the accident took place on your premises. As such, you may need photos and witness statements. As a rule of the thumb, you must prioritise the health of the injured employee. Therefore, alleviate his or her condition by taking him or her to the hospital.

2. Contact a Compensation Lawyer

You will need a compensation lawyer to represent your interests during compensation negotiations. Work with an experienced lawyer who has handled similar matters in the past. The lawyer will: 

3. Settlement

Once you agree on a suitable amount, the injured employee should sign a settlement contract that prohibits him or her from claiming compensation for the same injury.

Dealing with workplace injuries could not be any easier. Get workers compensation cover, understand the exemptions and work with an experienced compensation lawyer in case of accidents.