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What Conveyancers Can Do for Property Sellers

Are you looking to sell a piece of real estate property? Hiring a qualified conveyancer is vital to ensure the legal transfer of property ownership from you to the buyer goes smoothly. But why should you seek out a conveyancing specialist's help when you are not the one spending money to buy real estate?

Check out what conveyancing services do for property sellers below. 

Handling Legal Paperwork

As a property seller, there are various types of legal documents that you need to provide to facilitate the process of settlement. These include the title deeds, property transfer deeds and details of all financial obligations that accrue to property. A conveyancer can help you to gather and prepare all the documentation you need to allow for the legal and rightful transfer of property to another party.

Drafting the Contract of Sale

Once all the documents required to facilitate the legal transfer of property from you to the buyer have been gathered, your conveyancer will use the information to write a contract of sale. The contract will stipulate the terms and conditions of sale.

A copy of the contract will be sent to the buyer or the buyer's conveyancer for review and consideration. 

Negotiating the Terms of the Contract 

If the buyer or their conveyancer has specific questions or concerns about the contract, they will let your conveyancer know about them. Your conveyancer will negotiate the terms of the contract on your behalf and then inform you about any amendments that the seller might want before exchanging contracts.

Closing the Property Sale

Once the terms and conditions of the sale have been agreed upon, your conveyancer will seek your permission to set a date for the exchange of contracts. They will manage the day of completion on your behalf.

Some of the duties they will perform is to ensure that:

By performing the above-highlighted tasks on your behalf, your conveyancer will help to ensure your conveyancing process is completed smoothly.

Unless you are a qualified conveyancer, taking on conveyancing work yourself can be an overwhelming task. Letting a professional conveyancer work for you will help to ensure you don't mess things up when you're selling your property.