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Three Key Things to Note About Pet Laws

Keeping a pet is a huge responsibility that can be compared to raising a child. You need to make your pet feel as comfortable as possible and provide to their basic needs. Part of this means understanding various aspects of pet laws:

Animal Cruelty

Under no circumstances should you act violently towards your pet, meaning don't hit or mishandle them. Animal cruelty also means not providing the basic needs your pet requires (housing, food, health, water, etc.).

Though no one might follow-up on you to find out whether you are caring for your pet correctly, you have a moral obligation not to harm or torture them. If you are found harming a pet in any way, note that under the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001, this is a criminal offence. You will be charged with an infraction, meaning you have to pay a hefty fine and might not be allowed to keep pets. Sometimes, you can even be charged with a misdemeanour, meaning you might have to serve jail time.

Do Not Keep an Illegal Pet

You might have heard that particular pets are illegal in various countries or states. Reasons differ per country or state, but the most common include that the pet can become a vermin or a pest, carry a particular disease that is harmful to humans or the pet won't thrive in a home setting compared to in the wild.

If you disobey these laws, you are risking jail time or paying a hefty penalty. Secondly, you will fall under the category of animal cruelty, mainly because you won't be in a position to care for the pet. This is because it will be difficult to find places where you can buy the pet's food. Further, where will you seek vet services for your pet? 

If a pet has been deemed illegal, businesses will not risk offering services or products related to that pet, meaning you won't be in a position to offer the best care for them.

Are You Living in a Rental?

Before you move into a rental, find out whether the landlord allows pets. This is typically included in your tenancy agreement and you are required to sign it. If you keep a pet, ignoring the "no pets allowed" rule, you may end up fined or thrown out of the rental. Pets are not allowed in some rentals because they damage fixtures and they can be loud, meaning they can be annoying for other tenants.

Contact a company for more information regarding pet laws.