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When Do You Need A Solicitor? A Complete Guide

When do you need a solicitor? Most people often underestimate the need for legal services. In most cases, they hire a lawyer when it is too late. This piece details a few scenarios that compel you to hire a solicitor. 

When Transferring Property

A solicitor protects your interests when buying or selling property. If you are the selling party, the conveyancer acquaints you with the legal paperwork needed to transfer the property. For instance, besides the title, you must provide the buyer with renovation permits, occupation and swimming pool safety certificates, easement notices, and the strata by-laws. Moreover, the solicitor examines the property for legal issues that could complicate the selling process. For example, you might need to conduct some renovation work if the property flouts the zoning laws. 

If you are a buyer, the solicitor conducts due diligence to ensure the property does not have legal issues or structural defects. For instance, they authorise a property inspection to identify structural issues and poorly kept amenities. Moreover, the conveyancer ensures the contract of sale does put you at a disadvantage. For example, they make sure the agreement does not allow gazumping.  

When Arrested Of A Crime

Your solicitor should be your first call when you get arrested. This call sets a series of events that could get you acquitted of the crime. First, your solicitor comes to the station to offer legal advice as you give your statement to the police. For example, they stop you from giving contradicting statements and badgering you. Moreover, your lawyer helps you secure a bond to keep you free awaiting the court hearing. They also advise you to avoid any actions that could paint you guilty. The professional also conducts thorough assessments to ensure they have a strong defence in court. 

When Opening A Business

Why would you need a solicitor when opening a business? Well, the professional will handle the legalities of operating your enterprise. For example, they acquaint you with government laws regulating your industry. For instance, you could be required to take specific insurance coverages, import products from certain countries, and pay particular taxes. Furthermore, the lawyer helps you with business contracts and partnerships to ensure they do not expose your business to legal issues and financial loss in the future. 

When Contemplating Divorce

Your solicitor helps you settle your marriage. For example, they assess your situation and inform you whether the courts will consent to the divorce application. Besides, the professional guide you when drafting parenting agreements with your spouse. Moreover, the solicitor helps you create a rational property division strategy. They also help you negotiate for alimony from your spouse. 

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