The Legal System Made Easy

The Legal System Made Easy

The Property Conveyancing Process Explained: Everything You Should Know

Property conveyancing is deeper at the core of human lives than they're aware of. The real estate exchange through which you obtained your first house is likely to have impacted your entire living experience. When buying or purchasing a home, lawful agreements that are beneficial to both buyer and seller make the whole process exciting and fulfilling. You'll want to e

All You Need To Know About Alimony In Australia

Alimony, also known as spousal maintenance, is one of the most pertinent issues during a divorce case. Typically, it is awarded to a dependant spouse who cannot meet his or her needs after the divorce. Read this article to learn more about spousal maintenance.  What Is Spousal Maintenance? Spousal maintenance may be a pre-determined figure. It is especially so if

Essential tips for closing on a home during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted business operations in almost every industry, and the real estate sector hasn't been spared. Both buyers and sellers have had to significantly adjust their plans in light of limited movement, people losing their jobs, and the sudden shutdown of regular economic operations. If you were on the verge of closing on a home just before th

How to change the legal name on a property title deed

Properties change ownership on a regular basis. However, the process of changing the name on a title isn't as simple as many would desire. This is because thorough records are necessary to ensure that any potential disputes can be settled fairly. So, what happens when you need to change the name on a property? There are many cases where this need arises, such as durin

How to Make an Estate Claim

An estate claim occurs when a person feels that he or she is entitled to a deceased person's estate. The extract below discusses the minimum requirements you should meet to claim an estate and how you can win the suit. Who Can Claim an Estate? An estate can be claimed by: A person who is left out of the will but feels that he or she should have been a beneficiary.