The Legal System Made Easy

The Legal System Made Easy

All You Need To Know About Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are an employer's worst nightmare. They could expose the employer to expensive suits and negative publicity. The excerpt below discusses how employers can handle workplace injuries.  Get Workers Compensation Cover Workers compensation insurance is the best way to protect yourself from expensive compensation claims. Your type of business will de

What You Can Do To Prevent An International Parental Abduction

Even after a divorce, the law often recognises both parents as having equal responsibility for the children. A violation of these rights is when one parent takes the children abroad without the consent of the other parent or permission of the court. International parental abduction is a delicate matter, and because the stakes are too high, you should seek the help of

A Complete Guide on Due Diligence in Convenyancing

A conveyancer's first task is to conduct due diligence to ensure you will not incur legal and financial liabilities once you purchase the property. So, what does due diligence comprise? Read the extract below to get a better understanding. Property Title The conveyancer will conduct a title search to ascertain the title is registered under the owner's name. Further, t

Top Reasons to Update Your Will

One of the greatest mistakes people make after writing a will or estate plan is failing to update the document. The excerpt below discusses when and why you should update the terms of your will and estate plan. Changing Financial Conditions Have you bought a new house or sold off some investment shares? Updating your will helps prevent conflicts and confusion among yo

What Does a Conveyancer Do?

The process of buying or selling a house or any type of property, residential or commercial, can involve a significant number of legal issues. It is really important that these are dealt with by a professional conveyancer, who can either be a licensed conveyancing agent or a solicitor. They have a number of duties that they will undertake during the conveyancing proce